When you purchase a reprint of Talia's artwork,
we will donate the net proceeds of the sale in your name to one of the causes below. 


Talia's parents launched this non-profit in the summer of 2017 to help change the culture in medicine so that nobody else's child, parent, partner, or sibling dies the way Talia did. 

Learn more about  Talia's Voice: Projects for Patient Safety here

Ehlers-Danlos Society 

The Ehlers-Danlos Society is an organization that supports those who--like Talia--live with EDS. The Society promotes research into the disease, and educates physicians and patients about EDS. They sponsor an annual conference for physicians and those suffering from EDS (where Talia had plans to sell her art in the summer of 2014).  

Learn more about the Ehlers-Danlos Society here.

Maude Kerns Art Center

Maude Kerns is the local art center in Eugene, Talia's home town. Talia loved her time working at Maude Kerns and believed in and valued their mission: to bring art and the arts to the community (even while operating on a shoe-string budget). Talia fell in love with the kids and teaching art while running the summer arts program, and enjoyed teaching art classes year round to kids and teens. You can find out more about Maude Kerns here.

Learn more about the Maude Kerns Arts Center here.

The Talia Goldenberg Award in Studio Art at Carleton College

This scholarship was established after Talia died, as a way to honor and recognize her many gifts, and it is dear to our hearts. Talia loved her experience at Carlton College and as a Studio Art major. One or two students a year are chosen by the faculty to receive this Award. In addition to artistic promise, recipients must exhibit the values Talia lived by: compassion for others, tenacity in facing life's challenges, and delight in the world around her.

Find out more about the award here,  and learn more about Carleton College's Department of Art and Art History here.