welcome (back) to talia's website


For those new to the site, Talia created this website just months before she died tragically due to medical error.  Talia had a rare gift of being in touch with both the "light" and the "dark" sides of life.  She was open, bubbly, warm, and displayed infectious enthusiasm while also expressing, exploring and confronting pain, discomfort, and the angst of living with many unknowns.  (For more on her story, click here.) Talia used art--the process of creating it, and the themes she took up in it--to explore all facets of her experiences.  Her metal sculptures and her 2D pieces, in particular, show her willingness to confront unflinchingly all that life threw her way.  Talia had enormous talent, a unique style and an incredible work ethic and we are deeply saddened (and outraged) that Talia was denied the opportunity to keep living and creating.

We are now making reprints of some of Talia's 2D work available to the public.  It has taken three long years to get here, but we are pleased to announce that with each purchase you make, we will donate the proceeds to a cause or organization dear to Talia.

We have also updated the website so that you can learn more about Talia, EDS (the disease she had), her art, and updates/blog.  We loved Talia--that extraordinary young woman who was our beloved daughter--with all our hearts, and are happy to be sharing her now (again), with you.

And...the latest news is that we have started a non-profit in Talia's memory, called Talia's Voice: Projects for Patient Safety. Please check our website for more information!