We're back!

by Jeff Goldenberg

We have finally revamped Talia’s website and it is now possible to purchase high quality reprints of Talia’s art work—we’ve had numerous requests to do so over the past three years.  Look to this section for photos, blog posts, and other news relating to Talia, her art, and this website.

New Images in Gallery

by Jeff Goldenberg

We have been going through Talia's various work and projects, and will now start to post some of the art that Talia produced, but never posted.  Look in the gallery for "Posthumously Posted". We will begin with some of her watercolor and ink  pieces, but hope to include other sketches, prints, and metal sculptures over time.  High quality digital reproductions of Talia's two-dimensional work will be available for purchase soon.

Updating. Please check back soon!!

by Jeff Goldenberg

Talia died on February 20, 2014.

We (Talia's family) are in the process of updating and adding images of other work of Talia's.

There will be new content soon and we will be making prints available for sale.


Now selling prints!

by Talia Goldenberg

Interested in buying a piece of my artwork?  Prints (as well as originals) are now for sale!  Each reproduction is part of a limited edition of 11, so contact me if there's something you have your eye on :)

Show Take-Down

by Talia Goldenberg

As Winter approaches, it's almost time to take down the show.  It's been really fun having my work in a public space, so it'll be bitter-sweet to take it down.  Thanks again to everyone who supported me and helped make the show happen, and to all those who stopped by to check it out!  For those of you who couldn't make it, here are a few snapshots of the space, so you can get a sense of what it looked like!



Art Opening at Noisette!

by Talia Goldenberg

My first art opening is happening on Friday, September 6 from 5-7 during the First Friday ArtWalk!  Come join me at Noisette Pastry Kitchen for yummy treats, fun music, and good art :)  I'll be displaying my metal sculptures for the opening night, and my 2-dimensional work will remain on the walls for a little while.  Come check it out!